LED Bulbs Are the Lights of the future

It can be difficult to determine how technology will advance. In the past, CFL was the newest technology which offered the greatest efficiency. Now it is becoming increasingly obvious that this was just an interim technology, and the real lights of the future are led bulbs.

Today’s LED bulbs have no mercury in them and do not contain any hazardous materials, so it does not affect the environment when they are thrown away. Since they should last about eleven years or 100,000 hours, you will not have to replace them frequently. As with all lighting devices, the unit price of the product is not the only thing to think about. LED bulbs have a life span of approximately 100,000 hours, which translates into a low total life cycle cost for the product.

LED bulbs are also superior when it comes to the amount of power that they use, which is minimal. The best LED bulbs actually convert 80% of the energy they use directly into light. This is positive for both the environment and the homeowner. Incandescent bulbs only operate at 20 percent efficiency.

The advantage of this is enormous. Most notably, LED street lighting and office lighting can offer considerable savings to the businesses and governments that install them.


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